Your Quiet Violences

Thanks to everyone who came to see a performance of Quiet Violence and contributed your own ‘quiet violences’.
You are part of the story:

Dwelling on things I can’t change between midnight and 8am
Not replacing a broken guitar string for weeks
Being content with very little
Using my flat mates condiments when I should buy my own
I don’t drink water when I’m thirsty
I cry when nothing’s wrong
Not believing in myself

Scratching nail varnish off
Getting major fear of missing out
Sitting on facebook for hours
Not letting myself relax enough
Flirting with more people than I can handle
Not giving myself enough credit
Not putting myself first
Never reaching 5 a day
Love a good late night mope on the death of various friends / music career
Not speaking up when I see something I disagree with

Percy Pigs
I buy ‘light’ pesto – it’s gross and pointless
Saying hurtful things, quietly, to people I love
Forcing myself to finish a book / magazine / article when I should move on

Not being able to voice what I really think
Using the same cheap men’s razor for months
Eating cous cous
Wearing unflattering clothes when I feel miserable
Not booking a doctor’s appointment until I feel better again
Not wearing a coat on a night out

Drinking because it’s easier
Eating toast before a night out because my tummy will be flatter and I’ll get drunk quicker

High heels / no jacket / waxing / bras / no socks
Eating sweets and lying to myself about it
Late weekend lie-ins
Allowing others to exploit my kindness
Not brushing my teeth as much as I should
Biting my nails til they bleed
Writing for myself but not sharing any of it
I am aggressively nice
I agreed to meet up with a married man, how ridiculous.
Why do I say yes to the things that I don’t want to do?
Clip on earrings
Whispering swear words when children are around
Forgetting to breathe
She says his name wrong but he doesn’t correct her
The tea bag drag 
These jeans are so tight, I can hardly bend in them
He always breaks the hug first
I’m eating cheesecake. I hate cheesecake
Her friend is lightly choking but she doesn’t offer her water
“I’ve procrastinated my whole life”
I work silly hours just so I have something to moan about
I only ever buy nice underwear when there’s a chance that someone will see it
Sometime I don’t brush my teeth, I just have an apple
Staying the night
He eats loads of cheese though the doctor said it would kill him
“Sorry” someone just stepped on me
Facebook stalk. Facebook stalk her. Facebook stalk them
I eat tuna out of the can
He runs with his laces undone